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happy discoveries.

9 Jan

I cringe that my latest posts have been all about THINGS, but coming out of the holiday season I think it could be worse.  There’s an influx of “stocking stuffer” and “cheap and chic gift” posts and lots of special offers on Twitter that really get the word out.  These are either fantastic or affordable, or both:

INDIcustom – which I include on my likes&loves page.

Having a pair of jeans that I don’t absolutely DREAD donning is truly priceless.  Customers choose from over a dozen jean washes, all of which come with some stretch in them, plus waist fit and leg opening.  INDI takes note of body shape, measurements, your retail paint size, and how retail normally fits you.  The only way to end up with a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit easily and comfortably is if you lie during the sizing process.  INDI is having a 20% off sale until 1/13 (code: NEWPAIR) so now’s the time to try them out.  At the very least, design a pair just for fun…

Best part of INDI: no size tags.

e.l.f. cosmetics

Or eyes.lips.face. cosmetics.  Because almost EVERYTHING on this cosmetic site is only $1.00, I got about three colors in everything.  I got 25 items for $25 + free shipping!  I even stumbled upon my all-time favorite lipstick “Cassidy” (left above) which is exciting as most lipsticks make my lips look messy.  Some product reviews deduct points for packaging, which I only understand after ordering blush, which basically comes with no container.  All the lip, nail, and skin products I ordered had perfect packaging, though.  Sometimes you do have to settle for what you pay for, especially if you only paid $1 for it.

Julep Nail Polish

I gave up professional manicures when I discovered  For $20 a month, you receive two bottles of nail polish plus other beauty products.  So far I’ve gotten pomegranate body scrub and body cream, and Julep fast dry top coat and nail therapy base coat.  I’m saving so much money on manicures not to mention I don’t have to sit for hours at the salon anymore.  Is it safe to say that Julep gave me my life back?  Maybe a little.  The color above is one of my favorites, called January (I’m guessing) after January Jones from Mad Men because it is the perfect retro red.  Another fave is Whitney which is a medium gray-green with lots of sparkle and shine. (And for nail aficionados, Julep is 4-free meaning it doesn’t have all those nasty carcinogens in it.)

Spike the Punch

I’ve also included Elizabeth’s etsy shop, Spike the Punch, under my likes&loves.  I’m sure you can see why just by looking at the above bracelet, but it makes the deal sweeter that her jewelry is super affordable.  This bracelet was only $20.  Her items sell out FAST so I’m constantly stalking her on Twitter: @Spikethepunch_ .  Her painted crystal necklaces are fantastic and the reason she caught my attention, but now she’s also branching out into chunky gold chains which is really my style…A thinks my SpikethePunch gold chain necklace needs some ice on the end…but he doesn’t follow the fashion blogs, so what does he know? :-P (love him!)

finally, Birch Box

This is my first Birch Box and I am already so pleased.  I have been wanting to try out Zoya nail polish, in fact I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea after finding Doria’s blog .  Lo and behold, my Birch Box today contained Zoya Winter Polish in Megan.  The exact shade I had pinpointed as my ideal Zoya polish.  It also contains several beauty samples and a full container of VMV Hypoallergenics Re-Everything: Eye Serum, which typically costs $80 vs. a new Birch Box, which is only $10 a month.  If you want to buy a full size of any of the samples you also get a discount.

So that’s IT.  And isn’t that enough to last the entire year?  I blame this post IN PART on A because he so generously bought me a new camera for Christmas.

warby parker.

9 Jan

I just discovered an almost unbelievable eyewear website.  The company, Warby Parker, designs, manufactures and ships their eye glasses themselves.  Effectively cutting out the middleman means that each pair of glasses is only $95 and that INCLUDES prescription, poly-carbonate, anti-glare lenses…and free shipping (duh).  You can either enter your prescription yourself at checkout, or give Warby Parker your eye doctor’s info and the company will obtain your prescription on your behalf.

Maybe the best part, though, (if you can beat cheap, stylish, no hassle glasses via the internet!) is that for each pair sold, Warby Parker donates a pair to someone in need.

I just got new glasses (Banana Republic frames) that were not too expensive and that I totally adore, so just consider this a public service announcement.  I simply couldn’t believe it…

photo a day challenge, anyone?

3 Jan

I’m planning on doing this, but posting all at once on January 31st. Cheers!


3 Jan

1.  I will take better care of myself.
2.  I will find beauty in my daily life.
3.  I will make the most of what I have, and resist my desire for more and more and more.
I’m setting goals each month that will help me accomplish these resolutions.  For now, though, I’ll let them speak for themselves.

holiday wrap up.

2 Jan

A and I can’t believe how lucky we were this holiday season.  We got to see everyone we care about and have so much fun and good food. We spent Thanksgiving at my grandparents in Western New York, with family flying in from Colorado and driving from Rochester.  Mid-December we ventured to Baltimore for an Ugly Christmas Sweater bar crawl at Fell’s Point with great friends. Christmas was with A’s family in Central PA, including aunts, uncles, brothers, sister-in-laws, cousins, and the latest edition – a teeny tiny nephew.  We topped it all off with a family rendezvous in Orlando, seeing my dad + wife, and my mom + husband.  And last, but not least, we spent my birthday (NYE) relaxing at home with A and two of our faves.

As you can tell, there’s a lot of ground to cover, so I’m resorting to photos.

Ugly Christmas sweaters in Baltimore with good friends.

A with his new nephew Logan Scott

Being French in Disney’s Epcot World Showcase

Being Mexican later on

A and I in line for Soarin’

At Universal Studios with my mom and her husband Bill

the photographer in Seussiland

A and M making the birthday girl a NYE feast :)

Aunt Christine and Ricklebear

These are just a smidgen of my 500+ photos, taken with my new camera from A!

Christmas gift haul to follow!

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