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warby parker.

9 Jan

I just discovered an almost unbelievable eyewear website.  The company, Warby Parker, designs, manufactures and ships their eye glasses themselves.  Effectively cutting out the middleman means that each pair of glasses is only $95 and that INCLUDES prescription, poly-carbonate, anti-glare lenses…and free shipping (duh).  You can either enter your prescription yourself at checkout, or give Warby Parker your eye doctor’s info and the company will obtain your prescription on your behalf.

Maybe the best part, though, (if you can beat cheap, stylish, no hassle glasses via the internet!) is that for each pair sold, Warby Parker donates a pair to someone in need.

I just got new glasses (Banana Republic frames) that were not too expensive and that I totally adore, so just consider this a public service announcement.  I simply couldn’t believe it…

photo a day challenge, anyone?

3 Jan

I’m planning on doing this, but posting all at once on January 31st. Cheers!


3 Jan

1.  I will take better care of myself.
2.  I will find beauty in my daily life.
3.  I will make the most of what I have, and resist my desire for more and more and more.
I’m setting goals each month that will help me accomplish these resolutions.  For now, though, I’ll let them speak for themselves.


2 Dec

Check out my pages to the left.

I’ve updated “blogs”, “wants”, and “likes&loves.”

I’m back bitches.

blanket tent.

23 Oct

Since I have an operations exam on Tuesday, I spent the evening building tents out of afghans, with my puppy.

But all he really wanted to do was tear them down.

getting old.

30 Sep

When your Friday night starts with a nap and a pot of coffee…that’s not great. I might as well be 85.

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