UPDATED: I’ve got some new goodies:

custom jeans.  finally.  and they are less expensive than a pair of ill-fitting True Religions or Sevens.  close, but less!

ok. I was kicking and screaming over this trying not to get sucked in, but the shirts are great.

 if you haven’t checked this out yet, shame on you.  the highlight of my first of the month, every month!

 is my skin finally maturing or is juice beauty doing the trick?  not sure, but my skin is so soft and the green apple peel is fab.

I’m giving up acrylic fills for DIY nails.  I can’t sit still anymore.  love that you get polish AND manicure products for cheap!

I’m discovering that I can get lost for hours on Etsy.  I have chelsea to thank for that, she introduced me via her lovely little shop.  beautiful, simple, whimsical jewelry she makes herself.

Some of the most truly fabulous statement pieces you’ll find.  Amazing.

I love the blog but love the necklaces even more.  Now she’s getting into bracelets too.  Her pieces sell out within an hour of posting, so follow on twitter @Spikethepunch_ for posting alerts.

What do you think?

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