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fall right in?

21 Oct

I’ve been meaning to write an explanation for the name of my blog for a while. But there’s really a lot going on. Except now, when I’m writing this at work. Isn’t it funny that when you’re armpit deep in school work, you find yourself hurrying up to…do nothing. I should have brought some homework to my internship, especially since I already used up an hour wrapping my fellow intern as a mummy, and taking photos of myself as a Roman orator. The ush.


So like all good titles, “fall right in” is a song reference to a Modest Mouse song. I don’t really know the name (it’s probably something like the title of my blog) and I probably couldn’t name another Modest Mouse song. My brother was really into them BEFORE THEY GOT FAMOUS. That’s important because he likes to discover new bands and then drop them when they’re too mainstream. But I know this particular song because he put it on a mix CD for me when I was going through a college break-up. [Sidenote: as a result of my brother’s unusual taste in music and the number of CDs he burned for me over the years, I have quite eclectic music taste but I DON’T KNOW THE NAMES OF ANY OF THE BANDS OR SONGS.  Mixed CDs don’t come with song lists! Example: the Radiohead song they play in the movie “Something Borrowed”?  I totes listened to that song about ten years ago, over and over again. I’m at once a maven, and oblivious.]

But the song doesn’t really become significant until I find myself sitting in a Starbucks in Alexandria, VA (Duke Street!), waiting to have an interview. I was hoping to transfer from my college position at Starbucks in State College, PA, to Alexandria in order to a) move out of my mother’s house post-grad, and b) (most importantly) move-in with my then boyfriend (you know him as “A”) and start our “life” together. (“Life” because no one who works for his company has one). I had a lot banking on this interview. It would make the difference between pulling myself out of a serious depression induced by being 8 hours away from A, and rotting, alone at my mother’s house indefinitely.

And then the song came on. And it said, “Everything will/fall right into place…” I took it as a sign, and I clung to it. I guess you could say this song became my mantra, and TRUST ME, I have fallen back on that mantra in many stressful times.

I did get the job. But I also got a full-time, salaried job with benefits. How’s that for falling into place?

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