Sometimes I want so many things (and I do mean things in the material sense) that I can’t sleep.  Sad, but, true.  This page is where I’m going to deposit those tosses and turns so maybe I’ll get some sleep.  Maybe I’ll even break down and buy some.


I got my bootie fix about a month ago when I purchased these babies from kohls.com.  UM – they were only $27.  They’re so easy to walk in and because of all the buckles and laces you can really fit them to your foot.  I never would have believed that a cheap pair of shoes would be easy to walk in and wearable all day long.

They sell these at the museum and I got a holiday discount, so how could I resist?  I only regret not snapping a photo of A as he spoke to his mother using my soft pink receiver :)

I’m the queen of split second decisions, and so although I had every intention of getting a Canon, as I’ve had before and as everyone suggested, I got seduced by the 16 megapixel, touch screen, coolpix.  Even though I hate Ashton Kutcher.

Latest Wants:

Absolutely ANY piece by Lauren Elan (handmade jewelry based in Toronto).  Def click this photo for her site!

Body by Burberry

Do these even require an explanation? Love.

What do you think?

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